Wellness & Resilience Framework

Cultivating factors and responding to experiences with the means to manage, restore and rise through adversity

The RISE: Wellness & Resilience Framework™, created by Tonya Hotchkin, describes wellness & resilience through an evolutionary lens of human needs and development.

Resilience & wellness can be cultivated through intentionally engaging in experiences that enhance our well-being. Every human has greatness inside of them, a natural light that is needed in this world.

When we holistically cultivate each aspect of the framework, a person naturally RISES, living out their greatness and being a being a bright place

A Framework for All Settings

The framework, informed by evidence and research, provides insight for cultivating consistent factors and responding to experiences with the means to manage, restore, and rise through adversity. This can be done on a personal, interactive, and relational levels.

By integrating concepts within the framework, one can create organizational systems, environments, relationships and interactions centered on fostering resilience and wellness.

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