Resilient Parenting Episode 9: Relational Rhythms

Meraki Institute of Learning

The Resilient Parenting Series is brought to you by Meraki Institute of Learning at Tanager Place. In this series you will learn how the RISE: Wellness and Resilience Framework™  can support you to do your best as a parent even during difficult times. Tune in now to learn helpful tips and tricks from the Tanager Place clinical experts who have a wealth of expereince providing services to youth and families.

Episode 9: Relational Rhythms

Relational Rhythms is a part of the "S" Social and Emotional Development element of the RISE Framework. In this episode, you will join Tonya Hotchkin LMFT, RPT, CTRP-C, the creator of the RISE: Wellness and Resilience Framework™, and Joella Gerber LISW, RPT, Clinician Supervisor at Tanager Place Mental Wellbeing Clinic as they discuss the topic of Relational Rhythms.

"When we talk about relational rhythms, we are talking about the ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships with others...from verbal to nonverbal communication, it is the way that we interact in daily interactions, and how we maintain relationships" Joella Gerber LISW, RPT