Resilient Parenting

The Resilient Parenting program is a core cirriculum of the RISE: Wellness and Resilience Framework™. The information and resources offered through this program are for any parent, caregiver, or grandparent.

The  RISE: Resilient Parenting program teaches caregivers:

  • How experiences impact children’s social, emotional, mental, and overall brain development
  • New ways to experience and offer daily connection within their home and family relationships
  • Increased confidence to support  youth during times of social, emotional, and environmental stress
  • Tools to help support positive emotions and to support self-regulation and co-regulation when intense emotions occur
  • How to use key principles and interventions of restorative practice to help navigate conflicts while supporting relationship growth.

Resilient Parenting Video Series

Resilient Parenting Episode 10: Healthy Choices

Meraki Institute of Learning

Resilient parenting ep 10 discusses healthy choices: helping children to make choices that align with family values and preferences

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Additional Resources 

Resilient Parenting and Caretaking is based on the RISE: Wellness and Resilience Framework. The framework is evidence and research informed. Check out these helpful parenting resources created from the RISE framework as well as the research and theories it has been shaped by.