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Learning Expereinces at MEraki

Experience is at the core of learning and transformation.

We understand a person's experiences have shaped who they have become up until this point, and by engaging in our learning experiences, a person can actively shape their future self.

Our vast array of learning experiences offer something for everyone. Each experience is customized, unique, and developed with intention.

Meraki Institute of Learning

In-Person & Virtual Training

Whether you attend one of our events, or schedule us to come to your organization/event we bring our authentic self, engaging energy as we share expert knowledge in a creative way! Our expert faculty & specialized trainers offer a diverse list of professional development options!

Community Awareness & Education

"It takes a village to raise a child" We seek to empower communities through mental health awareness and resilience education so they can better support the growth of youth & families.


Family Workshops

There is no one-size fits all when it comes to families. Embrace the family you have and dive deeper to grow as a parent or share in silly fun. Our workshops offer safe spaces where your family can find what makes them shine!

Meraki Institute of Learning

Play Therapy Courses & Consultation

Play is the language of youth. We guide clinicians & graduate students on their journey as they seek to provide healing through play therapy. Our experiential courses & consultation will offer you the competencies and self growth needed to become a registered play therapist.

Meraki Institute of Learning

Leadership Development

Today's requires leaders to be authentic, passionate, self-aware, and resilient. We combine our expertise in well-being & resilience, the latest leadership research & trends along with our own leadership journey to inspire you to find your own leadership style and begin creating your own legacy of influence.

Meraki Institute of Learning

Systems Transformation

We understand the complexities, strategy, & intention needed to create healthy systems. Whether we are partnered with school districts, non-profit organizations or large companies, we have ignited sustaining change through our RISE: Wellness & Resilience Framework™ and deep expertise in systems theory.

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