About Meraki

Meraki is a term from the Greek language used to describe a person who does something with their whole self, their soul's passion. When a person acts with Meraki, they inspire others to grow, transform, and find their passion.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Meraki Institute of Learning at Tanager Place is to strengthen people and communities through increasing awareness and providing learning and growth experiences rooted in authenticity, empowerment, and excellence.

Our Story: From Mission to Action

Meraki Institute of Learning

Tanager Place is driven every day to create change in our world that allows equal chances for all children and families to have experiences that inspire empower and heal. As a mission and value driven agency, we embrace the responsibility to promote change that enhances the resiliency and wellbeing of children, families, communities and systems.

The Meraki Institute has emerged from the manifestation of powerful change that has occurred through Tanager Place’s unique style of facilitating learning experiences. We have witnessed firsthand how important it is to serve others with passion, authenticity, and altruism.  We believe education and experiential learning key in empowering children, families, communities, and systems to enhance resiliency, wellbeing, and creating innovative and lasting changes within our world. The Meraki Institute provides learning experiences focused on increasing awareness, enhancing family and community connections, and cultivating excellence within individuals, organizations, and systems.