Empowering Growth;

Inspiring Excellence

Promoting Resiliency & Well-being for Families, Communities, Professionals, & Systems

Experiential Learning rooted in authenticity

The Meraki Institute of Learning is brought to you by Tanager Place. Our institute's learnings are designed to empower growth and inspire excellence through enhancing the resiliency and well-being of children, families, communities, and systems. We provide learning experiences centered around the four pillars: family, community, systems, and professionals.

We believe in the interconnections of one's own personal growth & learning and its impact on the world around them. By sharing our deep passion cultivating resilience & well-being, we hope to inspire you to find our heart's passion: the definition of "Living with Meraki."

Family Empowerment

Providing the parents, caregivers and families with tools, resources, and knowledge to enhance their well-being and increase resilience. Cultivating connection and strengthening family systems.

Community  Empowerment

Creating resilient & restorative communities by promoting awareness, fostering collaborations, and providing education & understand of the needs of youth, families and members.

Systems Empowerment

Transforming youth & family serving organizations, influencing policy, and developing practices informed by research rooted in resilience creativity, innovation, and sustainability

professional Empowerment

Enhancing the greatness that lives inside each of us. Experiential learning events provide knowledge, skills, and reflection needed to turn your passion into action. Developing excellence & lasting change.

Play Therapy Student

This training was super useful! I have tangible interventions to use & theory to help me provide psychoeducation. I learned so much, Thank you!

Sand Tray Student

I loved this training for its hands on nature. This experience was part learning seminar, part, supervision, and part self-reflection for participants. I have definitely grown from the feedback and insights from today

Workplace Wellness Participant

Corporate Leader,Cedar Rapids IA

This is, by far, the best webinar I have participated in! The trainer was engaging and entertaining. The information was excellent and appreciate the resources which provide me the power to revisit anytime I need.

Clinical Training Participant

I loved the faculty's transparent and authentic teaching style. It really helped me to feel safe in learning and growing. I definitely left feeling more confident!