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Promoting Well-being & Resiliency

The Meraki Institute of Learning at Tanager Place strives to enhance the mental wellbeing and resilience of all! We do this by providing experiential learning events and published resources across four pillars of empowerment; Families, Communities, Educators & Professionals, and Organizational systems & Leaders.

We believe in the interconnections of one's own personal growth & learning and its impact on the world around them. By sharing our deep passion for cultivating resilience & well-being, we hope to inspire you to find our heart's passion: the definition of "Living with Meraki."

PIllars of Empowerment

As we work toward a world with greater mental wellbeing and higher levels of resilience, we believe it is important to meet the needs of people in all types of environments, roles, and systems. We have organized our efforts into four pillars of empowerment.

Meraki Institute of Learning

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